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For Biology


This YouTube channel aims to simplify many aspects of A-level Biology. Although the content is not specific to the Pearson Edexcel specification, the channel gives an indepth explanation of key concepts in Biology.

A set of videos for Topic 1

An amalgamation of many different videos to form a playlist for Topic 1 of Unit 1 Biology

A set of videos for Topic 2

An amalgamation of many different videos to form a playlist for Topic 2 of Unit 1 Biology

For Chemistry


This is a perfect channel to grasp the required concepts for this AQA Course. It covers all the relevant topics of the syllabus in great depth.

Advanced Chemistry by Primrose Kitten

This channel is very useful for the practical side of the course, which has significantly less resources. Watching the experiments unfold can help visualise what is happening rather than just reading it.

Allery Chemistry

A series of tutorials that explain some of the key concepts found in A Level Chemistry. They are quite generic and can be used as a revision aid for most exam boards.

For Economics


This is a relatively new but rapidly growing channel, which consists of everything you need to know from economic content to exam tips and relevant examples.


This channel can be seen to be for more intellectual students as the way that Paj teaches requires more previous knowledge.

For Physics

Dr Physics A

Although this channel is relevant to the old specification, he still covers many aspects of the new specification in clear and orderly fashion.

Doc Schuster

A fascinating channel that focuses on the experiments carried out by physicists that support theories thereby providing you with a clearer understanding on a topic.