Useful Textbooks

For Biology

Salters-Nuffield AS/A level Biology

The official certified Edexcel released textbook for courses commencing September 2015 onwards. It is the most up-to-date textbook available and often goes beyond the specification in order to provide a clearer understanding

Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology

Although this textbook was created to serve the purpose of the older specification, it can still be used as a relevant textbook as it approaches some of the topics from the new specification in a different manner

Salters-Nuffield Biology CGP

A certified revision guide that simplifies the majority of the Biology content. This is very useful and most definitely recommended as it follows the specification exactly.

For Chemistry

The Chemistry CGP textbook:

This textbook is a must-have item for any chemistry students owing to its in-depth, coherent and student approved content

AQA Chemistry 2nd edition:

Although this book is not as well credited as the CGP, it is the official text book that is approved by AQA itself. It provides the basic chemistry content in a very understandable way, and it gives review questions from actual pastpapers

For Economics

The Economics Help Revision Guide:

This textbook is perfect for understanding the fundamentals of Micro and Macroeconomic concepts. However, this guide must be complimented with a more in-depth textbook.

AQA A Level Economics by Ray and James Powell

This book is essential as it covers every aspect of the syllabus while providing relevant and recent examples to enhance students answers. Additionally, there is some A2 level information which may help "WOW" your examiner

For Physics

Advance Physics for You

This textbook is straightforward, in-depth and contain a vast amount of questions with worked solutions from various exam boards.

The Physics CGP textbook

This revision guide is sure to make all those hard concepts become clearer!