Unit 2 Physics Specimen Paper 1

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. Which of the following would increase the amount of detail(resolution) in an ultrasound scan?

2. Which of the materials represented in the graph has the largest value of the Young Modulus?

3. Light passes between medium X and medium Y
Speed of light in X = 2.00 x 108m s-1
Speed of light in Y = 2.25 x 108m s-1
Which line of the table correctly shows what happens to the frequency and wavelength of the light as light passes from medium X to medium Y?

4. The diagram shows how an image is formed by an object that is placed a small distance from a thin converging lens
Which of the labels A,B,C,D represents the focal point of the lens

5. The viscosity of fluids varies with temperature.
Which line of the table correctly shows the change in viscosity with increasing temperature?

6. In everyday life the effect of the diffraction is more significant for sound than for light
This is because

7. Two waves have the same amplitude and are travelling in the same medium.
The two waves can produce a standing wave if they

8. In an investigation of the photoelectric effect, a metal plate is illuminated with light of different frequencies.
The graph shows the maximum kinetic energgy of emitted electrons at different frequencies.

Which line of the table correctly shows the values given by the graph?