Unit 2 Physics Specimen Paper IAL

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. Which of the following is a standing wave?

2. An electric motor with potential difference V and current I lifts a mass m through a height h in time t at a steady speed v.
The efficiency of the motor is given by

3. The diagram shows displacement-time graphs for two oscillations, X and Y.

Which of the following statements correctly describes their phase relationship?

4. The diagram shows a current I flowing through a sample of material of length l and cross-sectional area A.

The drift velocity of the free electrons is v.
If the area and length are both doubled, but the current remains the same, the drift velocity will be

5. The diagrams show the motions of a source of sound, S, and an observer, O.
Which line of the table correctly shows the effect this relative motion has on the frequency of the sound heard by the observer

6. The diagram shows five energy levels in an atom.

Electromagnetic radiation is incident on the atom.
Which transition would be caused by the absorption of the lowest frequency of radiation?

7. Light is shone perpendicularly onto a photovoltaic cell of area 0.01 m2 . In 60 seconds,the total energy falling on the cell is 3 J.
The radiation flux is

8. The diagram shows a ray of light incident upon the surface of a glass block.

Which line could correctly show the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction?

9. A current of 0.2 A flows through a lamp for 3 hours
The total charge passing through the lamp in this time is

10. The diagram shows a ray of white light striking a thin layer of oil on water. Light reflects from the upper and lower surfaces of the oil, so that two rays reach the eye of an observer. With the eye in different positions the observer sees different colours from the oil.

Which of the following phenomena is not involved in the production of the colours seen?