Unit 2 Physics June 2015 IAL

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. Which of the following is an SI base unit?

2. A cell with emf E and internal resistance r has a potential difference V across its terminals when the current is I.
The internal resistance r is given by

3. A rechargeable cell is labelled 1500 mA h.
If the current is 1500 mA for 1 hour, the charge transferred is

4. The level of detail in an ultrasound scan can be increased by using a

5. Which graph correctly shows how the current I varies with the potential difference V for a negative temperature coefficient thermistor?

Questions 6 and 7 refer to the diagram below.

The diagram represents a stationary sound wave in a pipe closed at one end.

Nodes are labelled N and antinodes are labelled A.

6. Which of the following statements is true?

7. The length of the pipe is 0.75 m.

What is the wavelength of the stationary wave?

8. When a charge of 2.0 C passes through a light bulb, 5.0 J of energy is transferred.

What is the potential difference across the bulb?

9. The diagram shows a combination of three resistors each of resistance R.

9. The total resistance of the combination can be found using

10. An ambulance is moving towards an observer with its siren sounding.

Which row of the table correctly describes the apparent changes in wave properties of the sound from the siren caused by the Doppler effect?