Unit 2 Physics June 2014 IAL

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. Which of the following is a base SI quantity?

2. The diagram represents a circuit containing a cell of emf 1.5V and internal resistance of 0.20 in series with a resistor of resistance R. The current is 3.0 A.
What is the value of R?

3. A metal wire is heated while the potential difference across it remains constant.

The resistance of the wire increases because

4. Electrons are accelerated across a potential difference of 75 kV in an X-ray tube.

How much work is done on a single electron?

5. An electron pulse in an X-ray tube produces an average current of 3.0 mA for 0.5 s.

How much charge is transferred by this pulse?

6. A standing wave is created when two progressive waves travelling in opposite directions combine.

Select the line of the table which correctly indicates the phase difference between the progressive waves at X and the phase difference between the progressive waves at Y

7. Which of the following phenomena provides evidence that light waves are transverse?

8. The type of electromagnetic radiation used for mobile telephone transmissions is

9. Select the current-potential difference (I-V) graph that shows resistance increasing with increasing potential difference.

10. A student carries out an experiment to determine the resistivity of a wire of crosssectional area A. He measures the resistance R of the wire for different lengths l.

When plotted, which of the following graphs would give a gradient that could be used to calculate resistivity?