Unit 2 Physics June 2013 (R)

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. Which type of electromagnetic radiation is used for communicating with satellites?

2. Which of the following current – potential difference (I–V) graphs shows the correct behaviour for a filament bulb?

3. A standing wave is created on a string stretched between two supports.

Which statement is always true?

4. Light from a lamp passes through two polarising filters, P1 and P2, before reaching a detector. The filters initially have their planes of polarisation parallel.

The intensity of light at the detector will be greatest if

5. A beam of electrons is directed towards a section of crystalline material.

6. The diagram shows a uniform wire XY across which a potential difference V0 is applied.

Which of the following correctly shows the output potential difference across XZ?

7.When a semiconductor has its temperature increased from room temperature, its resistance usually decreases because

8. Which of the following is a base SI unit?

9. Which term may be defined as the number of waves passing a point in one second?

10. The diagram shows a displacement–distance graph at an instant for two waves, X and Y,

Which of the following statements correctly describes the phase relationship between the two waves?