Unit 2 Physics June 2012

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. The resistance of a negative temperature coefficient thermistor

2. Compared to ultraviolet radiation, gamma radiation has

3. A ray of light is incident on a thin film of oil on water. Some of the light is reflected at X and some at Y

The two reflected rays will be 180° out of phase if the path difference is

4. The three components are a metal wire at constant temperature, a filament lamp and a diode.

Which row of the table correctly identifies these graphs?

5. Which graph is correct for a resistor that obeys Ohm’s law?

6. Which combination of resistors has the smallest total resistance?


8. The wavelength of the wave shown is the distance between points

9. Two wires of the same material are connected in series with a potential difference across them. Wire A has twice the cross-sectional area of wire B. The ratio: drift speed of electrons in A / drift speed of electrons in B equals

10.A student investigates how the resistance of a filament lamp varies during the first second after it is switched on.

He decides to use a computer with data logging sensors to take the readings. The best reason for this is that