Unit 2 Physics June 2011

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. A laser beam is directed at the surface of a smooth, calm pond as shown in the diagram.

Which organisms could be illuminated by the laser light?

2. A student wants to find the internal resistance of a cell. He plots a graph of the potential difference across the terminals of the cell against the current through the cell.

Which of the following quantities gives the internal resistance of the cell?

3. A longitudinal wave is moving along a spring. Two points on the spring are separated by half a wavelength. The displacements at these points on the spring are always

4. Which of the following statements about infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation is true?

5. A negative temperature coefficient thermistor is connected as shown in the circuit diagram.

The cell has a negligible internal resistance. The effect of decreasing the temperature of the thermistor is that the

6. The unit of potential difference is the volt. A correct alternative unit is

7. The diagram represents shallow water waves of constant wavelength passing through two small openings in a barrier.

The statement which best describes the interference at point P is:

8. A wave is diffracted as it passes through an opening in a barrier. The amount of diffraction that the wave undergoes depends on both the

9. Two wires of the same material are connected in series in the circuit shown.

10. Which of the following provides evidence that light has a wave nature?