Unit 2 Physics June 2009

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. A volt can be defined as

2. Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has the highest frequency?

3. Which of the following properties could not be demonstrated using sound waves?

4. Two identical resistors connected in series have a total resistance of 8 Ω.
The same two resistors when connected in parallel have a total resistance of

5. A beam of light travels a distance X to arrive at a point. A second beam of light of the same frequency and initially in phase with the first beam, travels a distance Y to arrive at the same point. For destructive interference to occur between these two beams, the path difference X–Y must equal

6. The diagram shows some of the electron energy levels for a mercury atom.

Which of the lines A to D, drawn on the diagram, would correspond to the emission of the photon with the shortest wavelength?

7. To be able to see smaller details in an ultrasound scan, you should

8. An earthquake wave travels in an east-west direction in rocks.
The rocks are vibrating in a north-south direction.
The wave must be classified as a

9. The refractive index of glass can be found by tracing a ray of light through a block of glass and measuring angles.

Which of the following expressions is equal to the refractive index of glass?

10. Two wires of the same material are connected in series with each other. Wire A has twice the diameter of wire B. In which of the following rows are both statements correct?