Unit 2 Physics January 2015 IAL

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. The numbers in the table represent regions of the electromagnetic spectrum in order from low frequency to high frequency.

Which line of the table correctly matches a region of the electromagnetic spectrum to its name and an application?

2. The diagram represents the particles in a medium before a sound wave passes through and while a sound wave is passing through.

Which statement is not true?

3. The current I and terminal potential difference V for a cell are measured as the current through the cell is varied.
The following graph is produced from the results.

Which row of the table correctly gives the e.m.f. and the internal resistance of the cell?

4. Which of the following is equivalent to a single SI base unit?

5. The diagram shows a ray of light passing from a vacuum into a transparent medium.

The refractive index of the medium is given by

6. Which of the following would allow the level of detail in an ultrasound scan to be increased?

7. The current in a wire is I and the drift velocity of the electrons in the wire is v.
The wire is replaced with another of the same metal but half the diameter.
If the current in the new wire is the same, the drift velocity is

Questions 8 and 9 refer to the diagram below

The diagram shows a circuit containing a fixed resistor and a negative temperature coefficient thermistor.

8. The temperature in the circuit increases.
Which row in the table correctly shows what happens to the current in the thermistor and the potential difference across the thermistor?

9. The potential difference of the supply is 15 V. The resistance of a fixed resistor is 40 Ω and the resistance of the thermister is 60 Ω.
What is the potential difference across XY?

10. In plane polarised light, the oscillations of the electric field are