Unit 2 Physics January 2014 IAL

Please choose one of the following options for each question:

1. The diagram shows a displacement-time graph for a wave.

Which label is correct?

Light of radiation flux 80 Wm-2 shines perpendicularly onto a solar heating panel of area 6 m.2
In one hour the incident energy is.

3. The photograph shows a demonstration with a ripple tank.

Plane waves travelling from the left strike a barrier with two gaps.
This demonstration does not involve

4. Which of the following current-potential difference (I-V) graphs shows the correct behaviour for a negative temperature coefficient thermistor?

5. The diagram shows the line spectrum produced by a particular element as viewed in a laboratory.

A star containing the element is moving away from the Earth.
Which of the following spectra could be obtained for light from the star?

6. Which table correctly shows the wavelength and frequency of light at each end of the visible spectrum?

7. A ray of light in medium 1 is directed towards medium 2, in which the speed of light is different.
Identify the path the ray of light cannot take

8. The waves, of wavelength λ from a source divide along two paths and recombine having travelled different distances. At the point where they recombine,which line of the table could show the corresponding path difference and phase difference for the two waves?

9. A potential difference of 6 V is applied to a component to provide a current of 3 A for 2 minutes.
In this time the charge flowing through the component is

10. The diagram shows a resistor of resistance R connected to a cell of e.m.f. ℰ and internal resistance r.

Which of the following correctly shows the potential difference V across the terminals of the cell?