Unit 1 Physics June 2015 IAL


2. Select the row of the table which correctly identifies vector and scalar quantities.



5. A force is applied to a length of wire. Which of the following statements is not correct for small deformations of the wire?

6. Aluminium can be used to produce thin sheets of food wrapping because it is

7. A motor takes 10 minutes to lift a mass of 40 000 kg through a height of 5 m. The minimum power of the motor in watts can be found using

8. A stone dropped into a well takes 1.5 seconds to reach the water. Ignoring the effects of air resistance, what distance did the stone fall through?

9. A swimmer jumps from a diving platform into a swimming pool. The swimmer is slowed to a stop by friction with the water. The total work done by the water on the swimmer does not depend on