Unit 1 Physics June 2014 R

1. The newton can be written in base units as

2. Select the row of the table which correctly describes the properties of glass.

3. The surface of a golf ball is covered in small dimples. These dimples enable the ball to travel a greater distance when struck by a golf club. Which of these statements is true?


Use the following statement to answer Questions 5 and 6: "A spring obeys Hooke's law. A forceo f 2.0N extends the spring by 0.30N"

5. A 6.0 N force will extend the spring by

6. The energy stored in the spring when a force of 2.0N is applied is


8. The mass of a rocket including fuel at take-off is 11000kg. The engines produce an upwards vertical thrust of 150000N. The acceleration, in ms-2, of the rocket at take-off is found using

Use the following graph to answer Questions 9 and 10:

9. The velocity of the runner at 5 s is approximately