Unit 1 Physics June 2014

1. Select the answer in which both quantities are vectors

2. A tennis ball hits a wall perpendicularly at a speed of 4 m s-1 and rebounds at the same speed. Taking the initial velocity as positive, the change in velocity is

3. A mass of 0.05 kg is lifted at a slow steady speed by a 5 W electric motor. The height the mass rises in 8 s is found using


5. A spring with a spring constant 140Nm-1 is extended. The elastic potential energy stored is 1.6J. The extension of the wire is found using:


7. A small object is falling at terminal velocity in a large container of oil. Which diagram correctly represents, in magnitude and direction, the forces acting on the object as it reaches terminal velocity? W = weight U = upthrust D = drag


9. A car of mass m travelling with a velocity v comes to rest over a distance d in time t. The constant frictional force acting on the car while it is braking is found using