Unit 1 Physics June 2013 R

1. Which pair of quantities does not contain a vector and a scalar?

2. A wire of length 80 cm has a force F applied. The new length of the wire is 84 cm. The strain is given by

3. Which of the following is a derived SI quantity?

4. A projectile is launched at an angle of 45° to the horizontal. Ignoring air resistance, which pair of graphs correctly shows how the vertical and horizontal components of velocity vary with time for the projectile until it lands?


6. A ball of volume Vb and density ρb is released in a volume Vl of liquid with density ρl. The upthrust on the ball is given by


8. Which of the following descriptions of a material implies that it undergoes significant plastic deformation?

9. A trolley rolls down a slope from rest. The trolley moves through a vertical height h while rolling a distance s along the slope. The maximum possible speed is given by