Unit 1 Physics June 2012

1. Which of these quantities is not measured in an SI base unit?

2. Displacement can be found from the

3. A wire of length x is stretched by a force F. The extension is Δx. A second wire of the same material and cross-sectional area is stretched by the same force. If it has twice the length of the first wire its extension will be

4. Which equation shows a scalar quantity as the product of two vector quantities?

5. A material which can be drawn into a wire is described as being

6. A bowling ball of mass 7.0 kg is travelling at a speed of 4.0 m s-1. The kinetic energy of the ball is



9. A motor raises a mass m through a height Δh in time t. The power of the motor is given by

Use the following graph to answer Question 10:

10. Which point would give the value for maximum tensile stress?