Unit 1 Physics June 2011

1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

2. Which of the following units is equivalent to the SI unit for energy?


4. The acceleration of free fall on Mars is 3.7 m s-2. If an object on Mars is launched vertically upwards with an initial speed of 40 m s-1, its speed after 3.0 s will be

5. The gravitational field strength on Mars is 3.7 N kg-1. A 5.0 kg object is raised through a height of 150 cm on Mars. The change in gravitational potential energy is


7. A material which resists plastic deformation by scratching is described as


9. The gradient of a displacement-time graph gives

10. A table tennis ball is released beneath the surface of water and moves upwards. The relationship between the forces acting on the ball when it reaches terminal velocity is