Unit 1 Physics June 2010

1. Distance travelled can be found from the

2. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

3. A car pulls a trailer of weight 2500 N with a force of 20 N for a distance of 8 km along a horizontal road. How much work is done by the car in pulling the trailer?


5. Which of the following units could be used for power?


7. A building has 5 floors. The windows on successive floors are separated by the same vertical distance. A brick is dropped from a window on each floor at the same time. The bricks should hit the ground at

8. All ductile materials are also

Use the following diagram to answer Questions 9 and 10:

9. Which of the following shows the correct two relationships if the aeroplane is climbing at a constant velocity?

10. The aeroplane is now flown at a constant altitude but an increasing speed. Which of the following pairs of forces will have the same magnitude?