Unit 1 Physics June 2009

1. Which set of quantities is all scalar?

2. A material is described as ‘not easy to scratch or indent’. The material is best described as

3. A force of 24 N and a force of 15 N act at right angles to each other. The size of their resultant force is

Use the following graph for Questions 4 and 5:

4. The stiffness of the spring in Nm-1 is

5. The energy stored in the spring when it is extended by 6.0 cm is

Use the following graph to answer Question 6:

6. The quantity represented by the gradient of the graph is

7. A car of known mass has a constant acceleration. The resultant force acting on the car can be found by applying

Use the following graph to answer Questions 8 and 9:

8. The total distance travelled by the object in 4 s is

9. The acceleration at 3 s is

10. A spring extends by 10 cm when a force of 8.0 N is applied. The limit of proportionality is not exceeded. Two of these springs are arranged side by side and a force of 4.0 N is applied. The extension for this arrangement of springs is