Unit 1 Physics January 2015 IAL

Use the following diagram to answer question 1:

1. Which of the following shows the path of the package after release?

2. A marble is dropped from the roof of a building and takes 3.2 s to reach the ground. The approximate height of the building is

Use the following diagram to answer Question 3:

3. W´ in newtons is given by

4. In which of the following is a vector fully described?

5. A ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of +3.0 m s-1. At the maximum height, the acceleration of the ball is


7. A material that is able to undergo plastic deformation under compression is said to be

8. A girl of mass 30 kg and a boy of mass 45 kg sit on a frictionless floor holding the two ends of a rope. The boy pulls on the rope. The girl moves towards the boy with an inital acceleration of 3 ms-2. The boy