Unit 1 Physics January 2014 IAL

1. Which of the following is a correct statement?

Use the following information to answer Question 2:

2. Which of the following quantities is different for the two launches?

Use the following diagram to answer Question 3:

3. A pendulum consists of an 18 N weight attached to a piece of string. The weight is released from the position shown in the diagram. The speed in m s-1 at the bottom of the swing is given by

4. A pump is positioned at the bottom of a well and it pumps 15 kg of water 25 m to the surface each minute. The power of the pump is

Refer to the graph below for Questions 5 and 6:

5. The initial acceleration of the object is

6. The displacement of the object during the time of deceleration is

7. A force of 15 N is applied to a wire of cross-sectional area 3.0 × 10–6 m2. The wire extends by 1% of the original length. The Young modulus of the wire, in N m-2, can be found from

8. The main component of a newton meter is a calibrated spring. The newton meter is to be used over a greater range of forces. Which of the following should be increased to allow this?


10. In an experiment a small metal ball is dropped into a cylinder of oil. The time taken for the ball to fall to the bottom of the cylinder is recorded. The experiment is repeated. Which changes to the ball would result in the greatest decrease in the time it takes to reach the bottom of the cylinder?