Unit 1 Physics January 2009

1. Which row correctly identifies scalar and vector quantities

2. A cyclist travelling at a speed of 4.2 m s-1 accelerates at 1.1 m s-2. In a time of 7.4 s the distance travelled is

3. Which of these units is the same as the newton?

4. A student is asked to determine the output of a motor as it lifts an object. He measures the height through which the object is raised, the time taken and the weight of the object. To find the power he must calculate

5. A football is kicked at a speed of 12 m s-1 at an angle of 35° to the horizontal. The horizontal component of its velocity, in m s-1, is given by

Use the following information to answer Questions 6

6. Which row gives the correct labels for the axis?

7. A pigeon of mass 0.45 kg is flying with kinetic energy 58 J. Its speed is

8. A ball bearing is dropped through a liquid and its terminal velocity measured. The experiment is repeated at a different temperature. Which row could correctly describe this experiment?

9. Velocity can be found from the

10. A freely falling object on Earth has a speed of 5.0 m s-1. After falling a further 20 m its speed is