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Founded in 2015
It started off when our school print credit ran out. It was mid-December, mocks were just around the corner, and we were trying to make the most of our 20 pieces of paper by printing double sided, two images per page, in black and white. Why were we doing this? To prepare ourselves for our AS Chemistry exam.

It was then that we realised there were easier ways to revise and the answer was simple - technology. We are proud to claim that our website is the sole provider for the accumulation of Multiple Choice Questions for each individual subject centred around specific exam boards. Our platform simply allows students to attempt multiple choice questions with feedback in a cleaner and more efficient manner. Stripping away the traditional approach to testing syllabus content, A-Level Prep provides an interactive and fresh outlook on revision. In efforts to support multiple objectives, A-Level prep is eco-friendly whereby the need to print past papers is vanquished.

Full length past papers of various exam boards and subjects will be added nearer to the examination period.

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